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Dentures and Partial Dentures are removable dental appliances especially designed to replace a set of missing teeth.

These prosthetic appliances can enhance your smile and facial features and play an important role in keeping teeth and mouth in frame.

Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics is the go-to dental office for premium dentures and prostheses that fit great, and that will need little to no adjustments and repairs. 

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Goetz is involved in the creation of dentures from start to finish having mastered both the clinical and laboratory aspects of removable prostheses.


Benefits of Getting Dentures from Dr. Goetz

Appropriate Treatment

Dr. Goetz will guide you on the type of denture that best suits your needs: full, partial, fixed or removable.

Restored Functionality

Dentures can restore your teeth, giving you the possibility to eat, speak and chew normally.

Improved Oral Health

Your surrounding teeth will benefit from getting support from full or partial dentures.

Built to Last Prosthesis

Dentures can last a long time if you take good care of them. They eventually need replacement, but usually not before 10 years of daily use.

Improved Aesthetics

Because dentures replace missing teeth,  they provide an improved appearance and smile.

Enhanced Comfort

With advances in dental materials and technology, today’s dentures are much more comfortable to wear.

Are you Ready to Transform Your Smile?

Dentures and Partials Procedure

A. Getting Your Denture

STEP 1: The procedure requires several visits that are scheduled over the course of several weeks.

STEP 2: During these scheduled visits, accurate molds will be taken to provide custom-made dentures.

STEP 3: Preliminary fitting appointments may be necessary to provide optimum outcome in the shaping, color, and fitting of the denture.

STEP 4: At the final appointment, the dentures will be ready for adjustment and to be placed for a natural and comfortable fit.

Full Dentures Delray Beach

B. What To Expect After

  • You will need some adjustment time for your muscles and tissues to become familiar with the new dentures.
  • During this temporary adjustment period, it is common to experience an increase of saliva flow, soreness, and possible speech and chewing difficulty.
  • Keep in mind this is normal and, in time, your mouth will be fully healed and adjusted.
  • Dentures will allow you to enjoy a fully functional smile with restored aesthetic appeal. 


Dr. Goetz offers specialty denture treatments for patients looking for high-quality, functional prostheses.



– Least expensive option

– Better than regular dentures


– Removable

– Maintenance required: some parts need replacement once a year

– It rests on tissue

* All implants, just like natural teeth, need to be professionally cleaned to ensure continued good health.



– More stable than snap over denture

– Less expensive than fixed implant dentures


– Still Removable

– There is some pressure on the tissue

– Maintenance required: some parts need replacement once a year

* All implants, just like natural teeth, need to be professionally cleaned to ensure continued good health.

dental implants boca raton
dental implants boca raton

HYBRID DENTURE* (also known as All-On-4®)


– Very stable

– Non-removable

– Less expensive than fixed implant reconstruction


– Harder to clean than Bar Over Denture because it’s not removable

– Does not feel like natural teeth like fixed implant version

* All implants, just like natural teeth, need to be professionally cleaned to ensure continued good health.



– It’s like having your own teeth

– No parts have to be replaced yearly

– Denture is permanently attached to the implants


– Most expensive option

* All implants, just like natural teeth, need to be professionally cleaned to ensure continued good health.

dental implants boca raton
Do I need a Dental CBCT Scan

Dentures and Partials Delray Beach FAQ

What Is the Cost of Dentures and Partials?

The cost will vary depending on whether you need a full set of dentures (upper and lower), the type of dentures and oral conditions (ie if you need extractions or a replacement denture). Partials tend to be significantly lower priced than dentures. Prices may vary according to the types of materials used, too. We use the best labs in the country (tha same labs some Hollywood celebrities use) so our dentures fees tend to reflect that added quality. If you have dental insurance, your plan should cover some of the treatment.

Are Dentures Permanent?

There are different types of dentures. Fixed and removable dentures are options that satisfy different needs according to each patient’s oral conditions. Fixed dentures are supported by dental implants. That means they stay fixed and anchored in your jawbone. This kind of dentures is considered permanent. On the contrary, removable dentures need to be removed every night to be rinsed and washed with special products.

What Are Dentures Made of?

Today, dentures are made of Acrylic, a rigid material made of resin. This material allows the denture to look naturally pink for the base and gums. The replacement teeth will look just like natural teeth as they are made of enamel colored acrylic.

Can Dentures Be Repaired or Reshaped?

Although dentures are durable, within time, your dentures may need replacement or repairing. They may need to be adjusted or repaired. Dr. Goetz is personally involved in the creation of dentures as well as in repairing or readjusting them in case you need to do so.

Where to Get Dentures and Who Makes them?

Because dentures are prosthetic treatment restorations the most qualified specialist to make and place dentures is a prosthodontist. A prosthodontist is a professional who specializes in treating missing teeth and jaw structure problems.

Patient Reviews


Look no further. Dr. Goetz and his staff are the best. Their professionalism is above the rest.I am more than pleased with the awesome job he did!!Now I have a beautiful smile. Forever grateful!!!


Literally a pleasure to be here. One of the most amazing experiences to know a dentist and staff that embrace holistic dentistry in harmony with our beautiful bodies. They use techniques for healing and relaxation while working on your teeth. I’m always excited to go. I feel like they love my teeth when I’m there!


After having two bad experiences with local dentists , I finally have found one that not only understands my concerns but was able to address each and everyone thoroughly with kindness and patience. Office staff incredibly nice and cheerful, for me that’s a great sign!

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