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At Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics we do our best so that patients are well taken care of in case of a dental emergency. Sometimes, it is hard for patients to know exactly if they’re going through a true dental emergency. 

In general, the ADA considers that dental emergencies “are potentially life threatening and require immediate treatment to stop ongoing tissue bleeding [or to] alleviate severe pain or infection.”  This means you should get an emergency office visit if you are experiencing:

  • severe pain
  • uncontrolled bleeding
  • evident infection
  • broken tooth, dentures or restorations
  • intraoral or extraoral swelling
  • a fracture that may pose potential tooth loss

Our office always tries to find an opening in the schedule so we can get immediate treatment. Emergencies that are left untreated may pose severe consequences on your oral health. For example, a tooth infection could radiate into your jaw and cause bone loss.

Why Should You Get Immediate Treatment if You Have a Dental Emergency

Benefits of Treating a Dental Emergency Right Away

Stop Pain

Seeing the dentist as soon as possible in case of a dental emergency, will help you relieve and stop pain sooner.

Faster Solution

Getting your mouth checked as soon as the emergency appears will mean a faster solution.

Reduced Chances of Complex Treatments

As with any dental issue in general, having your mouth checked right away will prevent the emergency to become even worse. This way you can avoid more complex, invasive treatments in the future.

Reduce Risks of Tooth Loss

Immediate treatment will help prevent tooth loss of the damaged area or even prevent loss tooth of surrounding teeth.

Reduced Costs

Issues that are solved timely, can make you spend a lot LESS money in the long run, avoiding more complex and costly treatments.

Ease Discomfort Promptly

Even if a dental emergency case is not causing you severe pain, dental issues that are left untreated overtime cause discomfort. Treating your emergencies will ease your discomfort promptly.

Are You Facing a Dental Emergency?

Steps to Take Before Calling Your Emergency Dentist

During a dental emergency, you need to take into account these steps:

  1. Contact our office asap (561) 279-6999
  2. Try to be very specific when describing the problem. Many times you can get some home relief before you head to the office. (cold pads, hot pads, water, or even taking a pain killer can be suggested so you can relieve pain till you get to the office).
  3. Once you get to the office: You will need to have your mouth observed and if possible you should soon get a comprehensive exam to evaluate the rest of your mouth. Dr. Goetz will be able to diagnose if the emergency problem may bring consequences to any other surrounding teeth or tissues.


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Why Shouldn’t I Postpone my Dental Emergency Visit?;

When you’re dealing with a dental emergency situation it is always advisable to see your dentist right away. Even if strong pain may go away , if you consider something wrong is going on in your mouth, call the office asap. Remember: the sooner, the better.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of My Dental Emergency Treatment?

As with any other dental treatment, insurance plans typically cover preventative dentistry. So if your emergency implies restoration with crowns or implants, you will need to check out the benefits your insurance plan offers. Remember at Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics we work out-of-network, always filing your claims for you to get reimbursed directly at your home.

How Can I Deal with Pain or Bleeding till I Get to the Office?

There are some effective ways to deal with pain before you get to the office. If your mouth or gums are swollen, trying ice pads will relieve the swelling and pain for some time. If there’s bleeding, try to get some gauze to make sure you can control bleeding till you see your dentist. But you definitely have to see your dentist if you are going through pain or bleeding during a dental emergency.

Is Losing a Filling or a Crown a Dental Emergency?

Even if you’re not in pain, you should see your dentist as soon as you can to check your mouth if you lose a filling or a crown. Bacteria can start damaging the space left by the filling or crown and cause an infection which may lead to more invasive treatments such as root canals. So, anytime you lose a filling or crown, make sure you see your dentist right away.

Will I Have to See the Dentist Again After the Emergency Visit?

It will all depend on the issue that’s going on in your mouth. Sometimes pain will be relieved with simple treatments such as deep cleaning, or a filling. However, if the treatment involves a bridge, a crown or an implant for example, you will surely have to make some extra office visits to complete the treatment.

Patient Reviews


Look no further. Dr. Goetz and his staff are the best. Their professionalism is above the rest.I am more than pleased with the awesome job he did!!Now I have a beautiful smile. Forever grateful!!!


Literally a pleasure to be here. One of the most amazing experiences to know a dentist and staff that embrace holistic dentistry in harmony with our beautiful bodies. They use techniques for healing and relaxation while working on your teeth. I’m always excited to go. I feel like they love my teeth when I’m there!


After having two bad experiences with local dentists , I finally have found one that not only understands my concerns but was able to address each and everyone thoroughly with kindness and patience. Office staff incredibly nice and cheerful, for me that’s a great sign!

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