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dental implant crown in delray beach


When a damaged or missing tooth needs to be restored, an implant crown is used to replace both the root and outer structure of the tooth. The result is a new, natural-looking tooth in your smile.

A dental implant crown includes a hard titanium post that serves as the root of the tooth. This post is inserted into the jawbone. The post provides a solid base to support and fix the dental crown on top of it. 

Whether you need to replace a hopeless or a missing tooth with an implant and a crown, or you need to replace an old or ill-functioning implant crown, we can help you get the care you need.

Dr. Goetz provides safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing implant crown treatments so your restorations can last a lifetime.


Benefits of Implant Crowns

Increased Durability

With good care and regular check-ups, dental implant crowns can last 20 years to a lifetime. Never fear a root canal again!

Natural-Looking Smile

Dental implant crowns will make your smile look beautiful and natural again, ensuring you can safely bite again.

Enhanced Functionality

Unlike regular dentures, implant crowns allow your mouth to function normally again without difficulty. You can easily bite, smile and talk.

The Most Comfortable Option

Implant Crowns are the most comfortable of fixed restorations. You won’t need to remove them at night. They feel just like your natural teeth.

Added Strength

Implant Crowns are solid and strong restorations. They are fixed permanently and provide great strength to your bite. 

Enhanced Oral Care (Prevents Crowding)

A dental implant crown keeps your surrounding teeth stable and prevent them from changing position (crowding)

Are you Ready to Transform Your Smile?

Implant Crown Procedure


It is important to know that a dental implant crown requires a minor surgery. To replace a damaged or missing tooth with an implant crown, our doctors will take some or all of the following steps:

1. Check your oral conditions through an initial comprehensive exam (that your gums and bones are ready to receive the dental implant. This includes x-rays and molds).

2. If bone grafting or gum therapy is needed this will take place before the implant procedure starts.

3. If the damaged tooth or part of it is still in your mouth, the dentist will have to remove it first (extraction)

4. Once your gums are healed, a metal screw will be inserted into your jaw. This is post that will replace the root of your tooth and serve as the new base for the crown or cap.

5. A healing period or “osseointegration” period is needed. The length of this period will depend on each particular case (typically 4 months)

6. Once the implant is integrated,  an abutment is attached to the implant. This is a piece that connects the implant post with the crown.

7. Molds will be taken to have the customized permanent crown prepared at the dental lab. The crown will match the size, color and shape of the rest of your teeth. 

8. Finally, the new crown is fixed to the abutment giving you a new, natural looking smile. 

implant crown placement steps delray beach
Do I need a Dental CBCT Scan

Dental Implant Crowns FAQ

What is the Cost of Implant Crowns?

The cost of any implant crowns varies according to each particular case. Whether you need one or more implants, bone grafting or gum therapy this also influences on the total cost of your work. Having said that, implant crowns usually start at $1500 a tooth, and can go up depending on whether you need a standard or a custom abutment.

Will My Insurance Cover the Treatment?

Dental insurance coverage varies, but some plans cover approximately 50% of the cost. Keep in mind we are a fee-for service office. However, we work with PPO plans as out-of-network providers. Our staff file the claims for you so you can get reimbursed directly shortly after treatment has been completed.

How Long Will My Implant Crown Last?

With proper care, including brushing and flossing daily and getting professional cleanings periodically, dental implants can last a lifetime. Implant crowns could potentially crack if you happen to have a strong bite or grind your teeth. But since they cannot get cavities, they can last longer than conventional crowns. The key is keeping your gums healthy.

Why Choose a Prosthodontist for my Dental Implant Treatment?

A prosthodontist has special training in areas concerning jaw structure and missing teeth. That is why a prosthodontist is the best specialist to perform restorative treatments. They focus on restoring the function, appearance and health of damaged or missing teeth and their surrounding tissues. They are highly trained in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, crowns, bridges, TMJ, dentures and more.

Is a Dental Implant the Right Treatment for Me?

When you have a missing or severely damaged tooth, a dental implant may be the most effective solution to your problem. You will know if you need an implant restoration and if you are a candidate for one after the initial comprehensive exam. For example, smokers and patients with diabetes are not the best candidates. Once our doctors have checked the state of your oral health and determine you are a candidate, you will get a customized treatment plan that fits your specific needs.

Patient Reviews


Look no further. Dr. Goetz and his staff are the best. Their professionalism is above the rest.I am more than pleased with the awesome job he did!!Now I have a beautiful smile. Forever grateful!!!


Literally a pleasure to be here. One of the most amazing experiences to know a dentist and staff that embrace holistic dentistry in harmony with our beautiful bodies. They use techniques for healing and relaxation while working on your teeth. I’m always excited to go. I feel like they love my teeth when I’m there!


After having two bad experiences with local dentists , I finally have found one that not only understands my concerns but was able to address each and everyone thoroughly with kindness and patience. Office staff incredibly nice and cheerful, for me that’s a great sign!

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