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Intraoral Scanner

The intraoral scanner is a technological 3D dental imaging tool used for diagnosis.

With millimeter-precision, the 3D scanner takes detailed measurements of every single tooth and the whole oral cavity. It measures the interdental separation, teeth areas and surfaces, as well as the palate, gums and the rest of the elements that make up the oral-dental architecture.

This computerized and graphic record allows Dr. Goetz to make better diagnosis of dental treatments. At Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics we make use of this high definition intraoral scanner to diagnose and plan treatments in the most efficient way.

The Medit i700 makes the scanning experience comfortable for both the dentist and the patient. With powerful hardware and intelligent software, the Medit ensures a smooth, transparent and highly accurate scan that meets all the needs of the practitioner, while producing a more pleasant patient experience.

Why Should You Get an Intraoral Scanning

Benefits of the Intraoral Scanner

Comfort for the Patient

A 3D digital representation of the patient’s mouth with the discomfort of obtaining a physical impression. Unlike the traditional way, no elements, such as silicone or alginate are used, avoiding discomfort, bitter taste and other inconveniences.

Accuracy in Measurements

The accuracy and success of these impressions is very high, and significantly improves on more traditional methods. Errors such as bubbles, wrinkles or cracks do not exist in the 3D image.

Better Turnaround from the Prosthetic Lab

Communication between the dentist and the dental technician is much more effective, since this image can be shared in real time. This means greater advantages in terms of time and above all, efficiency of dental treatment.

A Better Diagnostic Tool for the Dentist

The accuracy of computer 3D images enables doctors to have a clear picture for precise diagnosis and effective dental treatments.

Safe Technology

Unlike X-rays, the intraoral scanner does not emit any type of radiation so it is completely safe for any kind of patient.·    Better turnaround from the prosthetic laboratory.


The use of the Intraoral Scanner is completely painless. You will avoid the tiring process of physical impressions and will obtain accurate images that will help the professional go through a successful treatment plan.

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If during the initial comprehensive exam Dr. Goetz requires the use of the intraoral scanner for a better diagnosis, the following steps are expected:

1.   The specialist introduces the patient’s data and the prosthetic prescription.

2.   Once the data is filled in, the specialist will use a fiber optic device which is the element introduced into the mouth to take images of it.

3.   With this simple process, all the parts of the mouth are scanned until a complete 3D image is obtained.

Intraoral Scanner

4.   Once the complete scan is done, the digital file is sent to the prosthetic laboratory with the great advantage that the reception is instantaneous.

5.Dr. Goetz will now conduct the right treatment plan with the help of the 3D images.

6. You’ll be able to take the findings with you after the exam is completed.

Do I need a Dental CBCT Scan


What is an Intraoral Scanner?

An Intraoral Scanner is a technology that uses computerized images to measure, your teeth and whole oral cavity. It is painless, safe and it takes a few seconds to have it done.

How Do I Know If I Need to Use the Intraoral Scanner?

Your doctor will determine whether you are a candidate to use the intraoral scanner or not during the comprehensive examination. This will depend on the treatment you may need.

How much is the Intraoral Scanner Appointment?

Most dental insurance plans have dental coverage. Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics is a fee-for service office. This means you will have to pay the complete amount and then your dental insurance will reimburse you. As we work with PPO plans, this will happen shortly after the treatment has been completed.

Is the Intraoral Scanner Safe?

The intraoral scanner is a comfortable tool for the patient. It does not emit any type of radiation, making it a safe test that does not require any type of prior preparation.

Where Can I Get Intraoral Scanner Near Me?

At Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics, we make use of the Intraoral Scanner when the patient needs detailed measurements of each tooth and the oral cavity. The Intraoral Scan allows Dr.Goetz to visualize in detail the conditions of your teeth, tissues, jaw, etc. A clear image of abnormal conditions can help treat the problem sooner and more accurately.

Patient Reviews


Look no further. Dr. Goetz and his staff are the best. Their professionalism is above the rest.I am more than pleased with the awesome job he did!!Now I have a beautiful smile. Forever grateful!!!


Literally a pleasure to be here. One of the most amazing experiences to know a dentist and staff that embrace holistic dentistry in harmony with our beautiful bodies. They use techniques for healing and relaxation while working on your teeth. I’m always excited to go. I feel like they love my teeth when I’m there!


After having two bad experiences with local dentists , I finally have found one that not only understands my concerns but was able to address each and everyone thoroughly with kindness and patience. Office staff incredibly nice and cheerful, for me that’s a great sign!

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