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smile for christmas 2018

Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics wants to make your dream come true this holiday season with an amazing smile makeover for Christmas. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, always wanted to fix your teeth, but just couldn’t afford it, or just one who puts everyone else’s needs before your own; enter to win our amazing smile makeover contest.


In May 2016, Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics sponsored a fundraiser which consisted of contributions from patients as well as local businesses. The purpose of the fundraiser was to raise money for the earthquake victims in Nepal in a specific a small town named Yarsa, which has around 400 residents. The goal of the fundraising effort, which was sponsored by the Young Living Foundation, was to rebuild 112 homes with the average cost of a home somewhere in the ballpark of $7000.The fundraiser was successful in being able to build approximately five homes. A fundraiser event was held for that purpose and all combined efforts raised a total of $20,000. At that time a private donor came forward and offered to match what was collected making the total collected for the Rebuild Nepal Fund a whopping $40,000. We were able to help build a total of five homes!


In March 2017, doctors Tom and Joy were selected, out of 200 applicants, to be able to actually go to Nepal in that small town of Yarsa and participate hands-on with the rebuild effort. They were there for two weeks and in that time the small group of 20 participants were able to build five exterior walls into three interior walls. This was an experience the Rohrer’s will never forget, getting to work side-by-side with the homeowners building their houses. They fell in love with the Nepalese people instantly and many tears were shed upon departure of the convoy.


Our Annual Christmas Toy Drive has been a success every year. Both patients and doctors join forces to donate presents to local children in commemoration of the Christmas holiday. Sometimes the amount of presents is so large that people can barely walk around the office.


Unity is a local church that both the team as well as Dr. Tom and Dr. Joy have personally supported through the years in a variety of community outreach programs, such as annual collections for local children’s school supplies. In addition, every Thanksgiving and Christmas they collect food and gifts for those in need.


Every year Rohrer Dental Wellness Center sponsors the “All People Day’s Parade”, a family-oriented festival held in Delray Beach, which gathers people from different backgrounds and ethnicities with the goal of celebrating diversity.


In many instances team members and doctors have actively participated in the process of providing food to up to 250 people at the Caring Kitchen (CROS Ministries) located in the Delray beach area. We prepared the food in the morning, and then served it to local residents for lunch. In some instances, we have been able to assist a few of them with dental treatment.


Sage Shetron, a patient and a friend, had an accident where he broke his neck. He needed expensive surgery to be fully rehabilitated, which insurance could not cover. Through the efforts of patients and the doctors matching these donations, we were able to help him pay for part of the surgery he desperately needed. Sage is back at work full time as a masseuse and entrepreneur.


In March 2013, we decided we wanted to give back to the community we have been part of for almost thirty years. “Dentistry + Heart” was a program that involved providing free dental care to those that needed it the most. We served more than 20 patients that day, including children and adults, by performing complimentary dental cleanings, x-rays, diagnosing and repairing cavities as well as extractions.


In December of 2010, we dedicated a full day to educate and prevent different people in the local community on how to take care of their teeth. Besides the education, 20 underprivileged children received treatment, either in the form of dental cleanings or fillings. At the end of the treatment and/or the workshop, each kid received a present to commemorate the Christmas holiday.


Rohrer Dental Wellness Center organized a fundraiser event for Make a Wish Sourther Florida with the purpose of raising money towards fulfilling a child’s wish. The total monies collected were close to $2000.