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When searching for a dentist, people usually have to decide whether to see an in-network or an out-of-network provider. But if choosing an in- network dentist means most is covered by insurance, then how come so many patients prefer to see an out-of-network dentist?

Well, we all know picking a dentist means a lot more than choosing a person who’s going to repair a cavity, or clean your teeth. It means choosing someone who will take care of your entire oral health- an essential, integral part of your whole body well-being. So why is choosing an out-of network good for you? Here are 6 main reasons:


Reasons why Choosing Out of Network/ Girls smiling

The main benefit of opting for an out-of-network dentist is that you are free to choose the doctor you feel most comfortable with.

When you value your oral health, you don’t want to choose a dentist from a very limited list of names. You certainly don’t want to make a hasty decision. Not only because you would like to get the best professional treatments, but also because you want to feel in safe hands.

The choices you have on the list of in- network providers are much more limited than those out- of- network. Typically, you will  choose a dentist after talking to your friends or family, or by doing a little research on the web. Online reviews and word-of-mouth will surely help you find a reliable dentist. And most often you will be able to find this dentist out-of-network.


Reasons why Choosing an out of network dentist“Out-of -network “does not mean no insurance accepted. On the contrary, most out -of -network offices do accept many different insurance plans, so long as they are PPO plans.

PPO plans allow you to choose both in-network and out–of- network providers. Most insurance companies offer these Preferred Provider Organization plans to give insurers more flexibility.

The possibility of choosing out –of- network, and the reimbursement benefits are part of these PPO plans. This means that if you choose an out -of-network dentist who accepts your insurance plan, you can still get coverage and benefits.

The difference is that you will have to pay upfront at the time of service. In these fee-for-service dental offices, the staff can file the claim, and help you with the reimbursement process. This way you can choose the dentist you want, and get your money reimbursed to your home.

Payments vary according to the nature of the treatments you get. Preventative services are usually covered up to 80% or even 100%, while restorative or cosmetic treatments have lower coverage.


Reasons why choosing out of network- help

The dental team should help you check the type of plan you have. They can also give you advice on find out your benefits and coverage. If you do some good research, you will certainly find a nice and helpful dental team. They will file the claims for you, help you find out what your benefits are, and assist you with the reimbursement process

So even if the dentist you choose works out- of- network, you can still enjoy the benefits of the dental plan you’re playing for. A helpful fee-for- service office will assist you on all matters related to your insurance and coverage.



Another main benefit of choosing out -of-network: you are free to look for the most skilled professionals, and get the best quality treatments.

highly trained dentistsBecause you base your choice on good practice (rather than on pocket money), you can be sure your oral needs will be met. When you are free to choose your dentist, you are free to evaluate aspects such as

  • the doctor’s expertise
  • the years they’ve been in practice
  • the technology they use
  • the elements and materials they use
  • the dental labs they work with
  • safe protocols

All these elements have to do with the quality of the services you get. Getting high quality treatments is important because it will prevent you from spending more money or getting more complex treatments in the future.


Deciding to go out-of-network will also allow you to choose the kind of approach you want in relation to your dental care.In other words, by choosing out- of- network, you will be free to pick the dentist who performs treatments in the way you want.

Holistic DentistryToday, many people are aware that finding a dentist who cares for your whole body health is absolutely important. Like many others, if you’re looking for a holistic approach,  you will  have to search out-of-network.

You will be more likely to find a dentist who performs less invasive procedures, reduced toxicity treatments and offers relaxing techniques by looking out of network.  In the past, for example, most dentists used mercury to fix cavities, disregarding the impact on mercury on your body health. Nowadays many people prefer to go by a “Holistic Approach“, focusing on prevention, and whole body health.



It is also very important to feel at ease every time you see your dentist. For many, visiting a dental office can be quite disturbing. Therefore, finding a friendly and welcoming office is essential when choosing a dentist.

If you go out -of- network, you will be free to look for the most suitable dental office for you. Feeling well and stress-free will help you go through your dental treatments in a more relaxed way. We know our mind plays a key role on our whole body health.

All in all, when choosing a new dentist try to put your oral needs first. It is advisable to base your choice on things such as good quality oral care, long lasting materials and guaranteed treatments. This will save you time and money in the future.