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Few things are more embarrassing than having bad breath.  People who suffer from bad breath feel extremely uncomfortable about this issue. Fortunately, knowing the causes of halitosis is the first step to put an end to this problem in a healthy and simple way.

Why Do I Suffer From Bad Breath?

  • FOOD. There are several reasons why you may suffer from bad breath. To begin with, the food we eat is directly related with having a permanent bad smell in your mouth. Sometimes we eat all kinds of “smelly foods” (like garlic, onions, cheese) which makes it difficult to do away with the strong odor set in your mouth.
  • BAD HABITS. Unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol can give you halitosis. If you drink or smoke, or have in the past, you know the simplest way to not have a bad smell in your mouth is simply avoiding the bad habit altogether.
  • MEDICAL CONDITION. Bad breath can be a side effect of taking medication or undergoing certain medical treatments. Sometimes the problem might be more serious with bad breath resulting from digestive issues or yeast infection. Ulcers or reflux diseases can cause a very bad smell in your mouth. If this is the case, it is important to have a medical checkup to find a solution.
  • NO ORAL CARE.  Bad breath typically results from lack of good oral care. If your mouth is not properly and regularly cleaned, germs accumulate while plaque forms between your teeth. Such accumulation of bacteria will not only damage your teeth but will also give you that undesirable bad odor in your mouth. Keeping good dental habits like brushing and flossing twice daily (cleaning your tongue, too) and getting at least two dental checkups per year is the right way to make sure you have a fresh, clean and healthy mouth.   

What if I Don’t Do Anything About it?bad breat

Bacteria that builds up in your mouth can lead to more serious problems such as gingivitis or gum disease. Unhealthy gums are the perfect place for germs to grow, and this means the odor will develop too. Make a consultation if you notice any sign of inflammation of your gums to avoid not only bad breath but also more serious periodontal problems in the future.

You might think you want to solve the problem right away just by getting a quick rinse with a mouth wash or using special toothpaste. Yet the results will only be temporary and underlying roots of your bad breath will remain in your mouth! But there’s plenty you can do. First of all, if you think your bad breath comes from troubles associated with your teeth or gums, take a close look at your oral hygiene habits and talk to your dentist to get a professional cleaning and checkup. Drink lots of water to ensure the right amount of saliva can flush the food particles left in your mouth. You may also want to try other healthy habits like drinking green tea as it has been found to have incredible oral benefits on teeth and gums. All of these steps provide an easy and healthy way to keep bad breath away.

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