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Delray dentist

Suppose you are trying to find your new Delray dentist.  After some research, you finally find the right one for you and book an appointment. But now you start wondering what your first visit will be like. You feel you don’t want to waste time or miss any important information on your first date.

Here are 7 must- ask questions you should ask your Delray dentist on your first appointment.

 1- How Often Do I Need to Have my Teeth Checked?

delray dentist

Your Delray dentist will explain why regular checkups and good hygiene are so important to prevent teeth or gum problems.  The American Dental Association, for example, recommends regular dental checkups to keep your mouth healthy.  These regular checkups can diagnose problems promptly. This way, treatments will be much simpler and not so expensive. So even if you are not in pain or you don’t have any symptoms, be ready to have your teeth checked and cleaned on a regular basis. Of course, the frequency of your visits will depend a lot on your particular needs and dental issues, but as a general rule, you should get your teeth checked and cleaned at least every 6 months.

2- What Does a General Checkup Normally Include?

If you are a new patient, your Delray dentist will perform a comprehensive exam to know what is going on in your mouth. Normally, a comprehensive exam will include:

– Charting of every teeth and restoration you ever had.

delray dentist– Oral cancer screening.

– Comprehensive bite analysis.

– Detailed gum check.

– Diagnosis of possible areas of concern

– Treatment plan preparation in case dental work is necessary.

3- How Do I Know Which Dental Treatment is Right for Me?

delray dentistAfter the comprehensive exam, your Delray dentist will probably have an answer to your areas of concern. A full exam and a revision of your medical history will help decide which way is the best to go. Treatments can vary from simple cleanings and checkups to dealing with gum disease, fixing failing restorations or cosmetic dentistry to make your smile look more beautiful. In any case, your particular needs should be a top priority for your Delray dentist.

4- How Can I Get Safe Treatments that Are Not Harmful to my Overall Health?

Your Delray dentist’s approach towards healthy dental practices will determine the kind of treatment you get. Ask your Delray dentist if they consider your whole body health. Ask them if their aim is to prioritize non-toxic treatments, or if they go by practices that are mercury-free, fluoride-free or latex-free.  You may also ask over safe amalgam removal following strict safety protocols. Get your Delray dentist to tell you about treatments that are not harmful to other parts of your body. Keep in mind that minimally invasive dentistry will be the best for you and your whole body health!

 5- How Do you Deal with Patients’ Fears or Anxiety?

listening to musicIf pain or stress is an issue, we suggest you choose a Delray dental office which offers alternatives for pain and stress management. Some dentists offer the traditional pre-medication system to relax or even sleep through the treatments. But there are also holistic alternatives to pain and dental fear. Deep relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, special teas and herbs, for example, are options that can help you overcome the stress of being in a dental office. Also, walking into a peaceful and comfortably equipped office is important to make you feel at ease.

6- Will My Delray Dentist Take My Insurance (and Will It Cover Holistic Procedures)?

In general, the answer to both questions is yes. Holistic Dentistry has become more affordable and most PPO dental plans will allow you to choose the best dental provider for you in your area.  Benefits vary from one insurance to another, of course, while payments will also depend on how the dental office works. Fees for holistic dental procedures are generally very close to the regular dental procedures. But because holistic dentistry focuses on prevention, in the long run, it becomes more affordable. Also, many holistic practices can be free of charge.

7- How Can I Practice Preventive Oral Hygiene at Home?

brushing teeth

Keeping healthy habits plays a key role in your oral health. To prevent tooth decay, gingivitis or other
problems, brushing and flossing daily is mandatory. These will keep your teeth healthy, strong and white!  Also, keeping a healthy diet will help your whole body to stay strong and be less vulnerable to oral disease.  If you are someone who drinks tea or coffee regularly -or if you smoke- brushing or rinsing your mouth will help reduce the regular stains caused by these substances. However, consider a healthy lifestyle if you really want to keep good oral (and whole body) care.


So don’t be afraid to ask your Delray dentist everything you need to know. To get the most out of your first visit,  ask about checkups and cleanings, the frequency of office visits, healthy procedures, and affordability of dental treatments. As the saying goes: Don’t ask tomorrow what you can ask today!

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