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  • Clincal exam with goal of no bleeding.
  • Xrays.
  • Salivary Diagnostics to determine what pathogens are present.
  • Blood test: Vit D-critical to bone metabolism.
  • HbA1C -Blood sugar levels, which can affect gum disease.
  • hsCRP –inflamatory marker, which can tell us the effect of oral inflammation on your heart.

Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics offers a very progressive gum treatment protocol . Utilizing bacterial DNA testing, we are able to test for the bugs that put you at risk for developing gum disease. We call this our crystal ball. In the past, we waited for the loss of bone on x-rays and deep pockets to occur to recommend care.

We now have the ability to prevent that from ever happening! Because our treatment is based on the make-up of the oral bacteria in your mouth, we also for the first time have a very objective “end point” to treatment.

The treatment protocol is different than what we’ve done historically. The old style of treatment would involve doing a deep cleaning and then putting our patients on a three-month re-care program to monitor. The new protocol involves treating the infectious disease from the “inside out” as well as from the “outside in”. From the inside out we look at what the patient is taking in terms of supplementation and nutrition.

This is critical for the body to be able to fight the infection that is present. Next we look at how we can rebalance the bacterial environment in the mouth. We recommend oral probiotics with good bacteria to counter the bad bacteria that are present.

We still do the deep cleanings, but we include with the treatment the use of a laser, which assists in the cleaning of the gum pocket, as well as in the healing process. Once we’ve gone through this protocol we then retest the bacteria to make sure that everything is in balance. This is the end-point that was not present in the past.

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