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Traditionally, silver fillings have been removed without regard for whole body health impact. However, several studies have proven that the mercury contained in silver fillings could be harmful and could lead to health complications for the patient.

The challenge you face when you have your old silver fillings removed is you may ingest some mercury in the process. Thus, the mercury can travel through your digestive track to the rest of your body, possibly affecting your immune system and increasing the level of heavy metal toxicity in your body. As a result, you could suffer appetite loss, anemia, lower resistance to infection and other mercury related symptoms.

Drs. Rohrer address this issue proactively, in that they minimize the risk of mercury poisoning during the removal process through a carefully planned procedure. This requires not only professional training, but also the use of unique technology:

To prevent this from happening, we take the following safety precautions:

• Safety glasses are put over your eyes to protect them.

• We have you breathe pure oxygen through a nasal cannula (tube). This will minimize your breathing the air right around your face, which is full of mercury vapor. Your nose will be covered with a dental mask to help keep the mercury vapor from going into your nostrils.

• A rubber dam or isolite will be placed over your mouth. This is a sheet of rubber that helps keep the mercury from going down your throat.

• Copious amounts of cold water will be constantly squirted on the filling as it’s being drilled out, to keep the temperature down. To decrease the amount of vapor, we section the fillings out in chunks as opposed to grinding it out. We use an electric drill for two reasons: First, because it cuts so much more efficiently than an air turbine. Second, because it turns at slower revolutions per minute, there is less heating of the tooth and less mercury vapor.

• A High Volume Suction device will be used. This suction pulls all particles away from the tooth as the filling is being drilled out.

• Powdered charcoal and chlorella are placed in your mouth under the rubber dam. Both these substances have the ability to absorb mercury particles before they get absorbed into your system.

• The fillings will be taken out with as little drilling as possible, in as large chunks as possible, to minimize the amount of mercury vapor released into the air.

• Dr. Rohrer uses 4x magnifiers to see minute details in the tooth. This could include faint cracks and leaking crowns or fillings. He can also make sure that the new crown or filling fits perfectly. Trying to do this without magnification makes it harder to get perfect results. Problems areas in the gums are more visible under magnification than with the naked eye.

• The treatment room has a powerful industrial air cleaning system which reduces the amount of mercury vapors. The IQ Air VOC Emissions and Infection Control Air Purifiers are highly specialized air cleaning systems that are designed to control Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and microbiological contaminants and odors. It removes airborne particles from less than 0.01 micron to over 250 micron in diameter. This includes contaminants such as bacteria and spores, such as E. Coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Bacillus thuringensis and Staphylococcus aureus. Other particles such as pollens, dust, smoke, hydrocarbons and vapors of heavy metals such as mercury vapor are also effected by the IQ Air System.

As a result, both the patient and the doctor minimize their exposure to mercury and can help avoid any complications derived from the exposure to this dangerous material.

Safe amalgam removal is a standard procedure at Drs. Rohrer office, meaning that the cost of removing an amalgam filling in a more safe, natural way has the same cost as doing it the traditional way.

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