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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Holistic Dentist.

  • A Holistic Dentist looks at your whole body health, not just your teeth
  • A Holistic Dentist focuses on prevention, saving you money and time in the long term
  • A Holistic Dentist uses the highest quality and most natural materials available
  • Holistic Dentists offer a comfortable and stress-free environment
  • Holistic Dentists strive to answer all your questions are answered and make sure all your meets are met
  • Holistic Dentists use the most updated and proven techniques available in the field

    What is the best way to reach you?

    Holistic Amenities For Your Comfort

    Breathing techniquesEye pillows with essential oils
    AromatherapyMusic therapy customized to your preferences
    Deep relaxationVisualization techniques
    Cranial sacral therapyWarm compresses
    Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics candle and towel

    Holistic Dentist FAQ

    At Rohrer Dental Wellness Center “Holistic Dentistry” means providing your necessary dental treatment in a fashion that is most appropriate for your oral, as well as your whole body wellness. Click here if you want to learn how you can benefit from holistic dentistry.

    Three words: PREVENTION, EDUCATION and RELAXATION. 1. Prevention. At Rohrer Dental Wellness we have technologies available that for the first time in history can actually help to prevent both tooth decay and gum disease by lowering risk factors. These are science-based, proven technologies that our patients are embracing every day. 2. Education. With proper education patients at RRohrer Dental Wellness can use holistic methods, techniques and materials to achieve their oral health goals and help others achieve them as well. 3. Relaxation. We strive to provide the most comfortable dental experience by providing relaxation techniques and a soothing and stress-free environment. See question 4 for more details.

    Yes! First of all, our fees for Holistic Dental procedures are the same as regular dental procedures. And because we focus on prevention, our dentistry is more affordable in the long run. Secondly, we work with most PPO insurances. And best of all, most of our Holistic procedures are either complimentary or can be submitted to insurance as regular dental procedures.

    The oral systemic connection is well established in the medical/dental literature. A healthy mouth equals to a healthy body. For that purpose, we have developed techniques and procedures that actively help reduce toxicity and inflammation of your mouth and body. For example, we use the safe amalgam removal process to prevent the harmful ingestion of mercury during the removal of mercury contained in fillings. With our highly progressive periodontal wellness program, and different blood and saliva tests, we can help determine and fight the connection between heart disease/diabetes and oral inflammation. We also offer a natural mercury detoxification protocol as well as personalized nutritional counseling when appropriate.

    How about making my visits more enjoyable? We use a variety of alternative techniques to create an unprecedented dental experience. Deep breathing techniques, aromatherapy, cranial sacral therapy, eye pillows with essential oils, music therapy, visualization techniques, and warm compresses all add to a dental experience like no other.

    Patient Reviews

    This was the most comprehensive dentist visit I have ever had! They actually take the time to get to know you first before opening your mouth and the office itself is very pleasant and calm with the lights dim and the use of therapeutic essential oils. The room I was in was looking out into a garden with beautiful flowers. I have severe dental phobia and I left with my first visit being actually fun! I couldn’t believe it. They used a camera on my teeth so I could see up close. That first visit was with Dr. Tom. My cleaning appt. Was with Dr. Joy. She was very knowledgeable about ingredients and overall health. She was very gentle during the cleaning and also used essential oils, a warm neck wrap, eye pillow with lavender, and a blanket. Both Dr.’s have a very calm and gentle manner. I am very happy to have found this gem

    Lisa P.

    Source: Google

    I have never had a more fantastic, an extensive, thorough, kind, and calming dentist in my entire life! I have never had a dentist examine my lymph nodes, neck and face! To have a dentist take her time, to get me a warm wrap for my shoulders, eye mask, and rub essential oils on my face, is so over the top! Dr. Joy took her time, not rushing, and explaining my questions complete explanations. I’m just blown away! I told my husband about my experience, and he said; “Good, I’m glad I get her as my doctor”. I didn’t tell him he wasn’t. The ladies at the front desk were very kind and helpful as well as doctor’s assistant. For a woman who becomes uptight having to go to a dentist, I want to thank you so much for a beautiful experience! I will be back and will refer as many friends that I can! You are all amazing!

    Diane MD

    Source: PatientConnec

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