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prosthodontist near me

Whether you have damaged or missing teeth, or you simply realize you’re due for a dental checkup,  you might be interested in finding a good prosthodontist near me. To be able to find the “best prosthodontist near me”,  you need to take a look at some important things.

Here’s a quick list of tips:  

1. What Kind of Dental Professional Do You Need? 

First, you have to think of the kind of dentist you want to find. Many patients are happy to see a specialist instead of a general dentist. Why? Because they prefer to get high quality oral treatments.

Prosthodontists are specialists with skilled training in restoring teeth and maxillofacial tissues. They also perform complex cosmetic procedures with the best outcomes. 

Prosthodontics is, in fact,  one of the nine specialties officially recognized by the ADA. As specialists, prosthodontists have to attend 4 years of dental school,  plus three years of training in advanced training.

This extended education allows “prosthos” to become highly qualified professionals.

Prosthodontists specialize in:

  • mouth restoration
  • restoration of natural teeth
  • restoration of missing teeth
  • restoration of damaged oral tissues
  • aesthetic dentistry

So by choosing a prosthodontist, you are making sure you will treat your oral health in the most effective way. Besides, if you’re seeking cosmetic improvement of your smile, a prosthodontist has guaranteed training in the most advanced and updated state-of-the-art procedures and materials.  

2.Find a Dentist with Good Reputation and Training

Once you’ve decided on the right dental professional to take care of your oral health, you need to check if this dentist has good reputation and training. Find about her or his certifications. Take a look at their school training. Read online reviews to find what other patients are saying about the dentist you’re choosing. 

It’s useful to have in mind that ADA (American Dental Association)  members keep ongoing training and updated dental practices. That’s why choosing an ADA prosthodontist is another guarantee for good dental work. 

Also, consider this: try to find someone who is recommended by a friend, co-worker, family member, or anybody whose opinion you really trust. It is very important to get high quality dental work because when it comes to your oral health, you want to be in safe hands.

3. Is Insurance your Main Concern When Choosing your Prosthodontist Near Me?

If you’re looking for a good prosthodontist near you, you should also find a balance between insurance, costs and benefits. To make it clearer: if you decide to see a prosthodontist because you have some important dental issues to solve (let’s say implants, crowns, dentures or bridges), you should try to find someone you can trust.

And this decision should rest on a more solid basis than insurance alone. 

In dentistry, many patients suffer the consequences of cheap dental work. On occasions, getting your dental work at the first office you find might bring along future problems. Everyday you hear about patients complaining about poor dental procedures they have gone bad.

Besides, insurance plans do not typically cover those treatments that go beyond a simple cleaning or filling. So it may happen that you limit yourself to the list of in-network providers only to end up paying more money in the long run.

Try to avoid dentists with poor training or experience in restorative or cosmetic treatments. 

Instead, try to choose the dentist that suits your needs best. Then, check for insurance coverage, reimbursements, or payment plans.

Usually, 50 to 80 %of treatments involving crowns, bridges, bonding, or other procedures are covered by insurance, although that will depend a lot on the type of plan you have. By getting proper and effective treatments you will avoid spending more money in the future.

Remember in dentistry, as in many other things in life, you get what you pay for. 

4. Find a Helpful Office with a Caring Staff

Finding a trustworthy professional is key. However, your experience at the dental office will also highly depend on how well the staff makes you feel. A kind staff will:

  • answer phone calls politely
  • try to fit you in case of an emergency or severe pain.
  • ask for previous x-rays to avoid over exposure of radiation and paying more money
  • make you feel at home and relaxed every time you go in for an appointment.
  • help you out with paperwork and insurance coverage. (Many dental offices are willing to help you find out the benefits of your insurance and file your claims for you to your insurance provider).
  • give you all the necessary information. Sometimes it is hard to determine procedures or prices over the phone (office staff are not doctors!) But, a helpful staff will give you a range of costs before your treatment. They can also guide you on the kind of appointment you should get.

5. Make Sure your “Near Me Prosthodontist”  is in Fact Near You

Picking a specialist in your area is the best choice for getting to your appointments regularly and on time. 

Driving long distances can make you feel distress much before getting to the dental office. Besides, if you have to cancel or reschedule your visit,  finding a dentist or prosthodontist who is near the place where you work or live will make things much easier. 

Remember  your dentist will be taking care of your oral and whole body health. So it is important you have easy access to your dental practitioner. If you are in Boca Raton or in Delray Beach try to find a professional at your reach. 

However, you may find a dentist you really trust and you feel comfortable with, but who is rather far from your area.  Then, you need to think what’s best for you. In other words: find a balance between quality and distance. It may happen that you find someone who is a bit far away from your area, but the practice is much more effective and  you make sure you visit the office fewer times.

6. If Possible, Find a Holistic Dental Office. 

A prosthodontist who can take care of both your oral and whole body health will certainly make your best choice. Why? Because your mouth is part of your whole body system. So a dentist who can take into account the effects and links between your oral treatments and the rest of your body will have a more complete view of your oral health.  

Holistic dental practice is beneficial because it:

  • takes into account your whole body, not only your mouth and teeth
  • takes into account your nutrition and health habits
  • makes use of biocompatible materials that do not harm your body
  • performs the least invasive treatments possible
  • will provide a relaxing and comfortable experience during your visit.  Relaxation techniques and essential oils, for example, can be part of a holistic practice. 

Both holistic and specialized dental practices can give you the best experience when dealing with your oral care. When trying to find the best prosthodontist near you, make sure you consider these tips.

To sum up, remember to:

  • take into account the dentist’s training
  • look at what other people are saying about the dentist you choose 
  • make a good choice based on your specific needs (making a balance between costs and benefit)
  • find a friendly staff
  • find a professional who can treat you as a person, not just your mouth
  • choose an office that practices holistic dentistry

You deserve to be treated in the best and most caring way. Finding a good prosthodontist near you will not only make you feel at ease but also help your mouth and your wallet in the long run.