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Patient with dental fear

We can help you to overcome dental fear!

“I have tooth pain but I don’t plan on going to the dentist because I suffer from dental fear…”

As dentists we’ve heard this many times. Some dentists would say that your dental fear should not keep from getting the dental care you need; our approach is different. At Rohrer Dental Wellness Center we believe that your dentist should not make you feel afraid or uncomfortable. We believe that your dentist and their staff should create a relaxing atmosphere where you feel comfortable and confident about the work being done.

If pain or stress is an issue, we suggest you choose a dental office which offers you options for pain and stress management. Your dentist should offer the traditional premedication options which will help you relax or sleep through the procedure. Sometimes we hear patients snore during their procedure. If you are snoring, chances are you are not feeling discomfort…

Your dentist should also offer a holistic alternative to pain and stress management. More and more people nowadays try to stay away from pain management medication; our office has great alternatives for them. Rohrer Dental Wellness Center offers deep relaxation, aromatherapy, special teas and herbs, craniosacral therapy as well as other options to help you conquer the stress of being in a dental office.

The most important person should be you, the patient. Your dentist needs to put you and your comfort at the top of the priority list. Our office puts the emphasis on the patient. We take our time to evaluate your condition and give you time to be ready for the procedure, however small or complex it may be. Our doctors see only one patient at a time, so you will never feel like a serial number at the bottom of a chart.

So if you fear the dentist, if you are anxious to go to the dentist, come to our office for a f tour of our facilities, and a free consultation with any of our doctors. From the relaxing music and atmosphere in the waiting room, to our friendly and caring staff, we hope to present to you an alternative to fear.

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