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Finding the best dental office near you can be fairly time-consuming. A new dentist means a long-term partner, someone who will take care of your oral health over many years. That’s why you want to choose a good – and why not the best – dentist in your area. So even if you don’t have much time to spend on comparing all dental offices near you, take a deep look at certain things to decide if you’ve come across the right place.

1. Does Your Choice of Best Dental Office Look Comfortable?

best dental office

Whether you go and see the place in person, or search for a dental office on the web, take a keen look at the overall environment. And ask yourself: Is the office welcoming? Will I feel safe and comfortable in here? It really makes a difference when you feel at ease every time you go in for an appointment. Some offices work with essential oils and music, for example, to make the whole atmosphere more relaxing.

2. To be the best dental office it must look clean and safe

According to the American Dental Association, dental offices must follow strict infection control procedures. Dentists must take certain precautions to keep materials sterilized, as well as rooms and surfaces. A watchful look at the place will confirm the office does care for safety and cleanliness. Also, you can evaluate if the dental team is wearing the right equipment, which includes gloves, gowns, and masks. Try to find out if they replace the safety garb and disposable items each time they examine a new patient. Dental tools which are non-disposable MUST be cleaned and sterilized every time. Last but not least, watch out for soap and hand sanitizers around. Clean hands are a key measure for preventing infections and transmission of bacteria.

3. The best dental office will make you feel special

best-dental-officeA good dental office relies on a friendly and skillful staff. When choosing the best dental care near you, trust your hunches. How do you feel with the office staff? Do you feel they really care about you? Are they helpful? Do they take the necessary time to explain dental procedures and billing processes in detail? And in case of an emergency, do they make their best to find an opening in their schedule? Are they able to refer you out immediately? You should feel you’re a guest, not just another patient.

4. The best dental office has the best team of professionals

A dentist’s training translates into a successful dental treatment. But not just that. A dentist’s experience also determines how comfortable you feel while you are getting the treatment. It’s very important you find a skilled professional, so you should definitely ask about this before choosing your dental office. The best dental offices work with doctors that have been highly trained (probably Pankey trained dentists) providing their patients with the most personalized, comprehensive, long-term oral care possible.

5. Is the Office Equipped with High-Quality Technology?

Technology is changing dentistry day after day making it more comprehensive, efficient and competent. The best dental offices work with top quality technology to provide greater benefits to their patients. Technology (including dental chairs, furniture, tools, lights, digital imaging, sterilization methods, digital information platforms, etc.) enables dentists to provide better procedures, more long-lasting results, and less invasive or painful treatments. The idea is that the office can make use of the latest technology to enhance your experience as a patient.

6. How Do They Deal with Payment, Insurance, and Billing?

looking informationThe first question you generally ask when you first call for an appointment is: Do you take my insurance? Most probably, the office will work with insurance in some way, whether they are in-network or fee-for-service providers. In any case, try to choose the best dental office on the basis of long-term payoff and think: Is the office trying to maximize your insurance benefits? Are they helpful with insurance claims or with reimbursement procedures? Is billing quick, easy and accurate? Do they offer payment plans or family plans to pay for costs which are not covered by insurance?

7. Do you Know Anybody Who’s Been in That Dental Office Before?

The most effective way to know if you’ve found the best dental office near you is to rely on other patients’ experience. When something is good, people talk about it. When something is bad, people talk about it even more. So try to contact family members, friends, co-workers or someone who has already been there. Their experience will be the most reliable source of recommendation. Also, remember that today referrals largely take place on the web. So take a look at patients’ reviews online or find out what local groups are saying about the best dental practices in your area.

best-dental-officeAll in all, once you’ve found the best dental office, you will feel how the whole dental team looks out for your best interest. A welcoming atmosphere, vast professional training, top-quality technology, safety, and affordability are all elements that count when deciding on the best dental office.

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