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Oral health plays a key role in your whole body health. And you know that to keep your teeth clean, fresh and strong, you need to visit a local dentist at least twice a year. These are no brainers.

Yet, if you feel an office visit is a real burden, chances are you won’t make it to your local dentist as often as you should. That’s why finding the right local dentist is the first step to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Here are some tips to consider before choosing your dentist:

Location (a.k.a find a local dentist)

It’s better to choose a dental office which is close to your home, or one that is on your way to or back from work. Traffic can be quite annoying and you may be late for your appointment due to distance or traffic issues.

Also, before scheduling an appointment it is better to check the office hours. Choosing a dentist who is conveniently located becomes very important for dental emergencies or when you finally commit to going for check ups and cleanings on a regular basis.

Type in “find a local dentist”, “dentist near me” or “dentist 33483 [or your zip code]” on your search engine to get the best results of dental professionals close to your home or office.

Professional Experience

The most recommendable choice is to find the most friendly and experienced professionals in your area. You’re going to see them for a good number of years so you should choose a dentist (and a dental team) whom you get along with.

Pankey trained dentists, for example, tend to be both very friendly and extremely qualified. Pankey dentists are professionals who have been trained in performing exhaustive and comprehensive oral examinations and considering the person’s overall health, not just their teeth.

They put patients first and listen to their particular needs, as well as take into account the entire oral system when examining their mouth.

Does your local dentist accept your insurance?

One of the most dreaded questions we hear is: “Do you take my insurance?” Truth is dental insurance is not what it used to be. Its coverage and benefits have not kept up with healthcare inflation.

There is a good chance that you will have to pay out of pocket for non-preventative services. So make sure you remember to ask your local dentist about the type of insurance the office works with before committing to an appointment.

Holistic Dentistry

First things first, holistic dentistry does not equal “wacky dentistry”. A holistic dentist is trained in both conventional and alternative approaches to dental care.

Gradually, the term “holistic” is becoming more familiar, as we are all getting to understand that our body, mind and spirit work as a whole. Choosing a holistic dentist means you are choosing the type of approach that takes into account your whole body health.

In actuality, it means providing safe amalgam removal techniques, using biocompatible materials, giving nutritional counseling, and avoiding unnecessary treatment, to name a few.

Some offices work in an atmosphere of complete relaxation, with pure air and aromatherapy. Truth be told, these are not easy to find, but the extra drive might be worth it.

delray beach holistic dentist

State-of-the-Art Technology

Good oral care does not only imply professional training, but also the use of the best technology available.

Nowadays, it is paramount that local dentists the most state-of-the-art technology in preventive, restorative and cosmetic care: digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, laser for gum therapy, T-Scan, Cosmetic Imagining, to name a few.

However, using state-of-the-art technology without understanding and evaluating your needs or concerns, or without providing complete personalized care, defeats the purpose of having the best technology available.

Best Quality Labs and Materials

It is advisable you choose a dental office that works with the best labs and materials. Your local dentist should work with the best biocompatible materials for restorative treatments to last longer and cause less trouble to your health.

These materials are specially intended to be healthy and to avoid side-effects to your mouth or body. Also, working with the best American labs in the market is crucial because they make restorations that consider fit, function and quality, which directly affect the lifespan of the work in your mouth.

In other words, first-rate labs and materials have direct impact on the stability of the dental work you get.

Does your local dentist have a friendly team?

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a friendly local dentist and team. A kind and friendly atmosphere encourages you to keep up with your oral health. You want a dental office that treats patients as “honored guests”, not just patients, and does not see you as another number.

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