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Picture this: “The Most Fun Small Town in America”. This is how Delray was recently named. The reason? There are things to do in Delray Beach for everyone. Whether you like sports, art, culture, gastronomy or just lying on the beach, this is the place for you.

Places like Delray Beach are few and far between. Located between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, this place offers you different attractions and places to visit. It is a great destination not only for families, but also for couples who want to escape and relax a bit.

The spectrum of things to do in Delray Beach is completely wide; it goes from visiting for dental o medical tourism to a wonderful time out.  Just to skim this place’s surface, the following are 7 coolest things to do in Delray Beach.

1. Atlantic Avenue

Things to do in Delray Beach Atlantic Ave“The Ave”, as locals call it, is the longest Main Street in Florida and one of the mandatory things to do in Delray Beach. It goes from I-95 to the ocean and according to USA Today, it is one of the ten best urban shopping centers in America. In fact, many people even call it the best street in Palm Beach County.

With its fine boutiques, varied restaurants, bars, and endless entertainment, Atlantic Avenue is the epicenter of downtown Delray Beach. Palms and oak trees guide you all along the avenue, which makes this place ideal for a relaxing walk.

Atlantic Avenue and Delray Beach downtown are famous for festivals. One of the mostly known is the Delray Affair, also called the “Greatest Show under the Delray Sun”.  This huge festival takes place all throughout 12 city blocks. It offers a mixture of crafts, art, and original products. The Delray Affair gathers artists and crafters from all around the US.

If you happen to visit Delray Beach during Christmas Eve, you cannot miss the famous 100-foot Christmas tree. You could not only get inside this huge pine, but also see its amazing lightning and discover Santa arrive in his helicopter!

2. Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Morikami Museum and Japanese GardensIf you like history, traditions and culture, you cannot miss the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. The first settlers’ legacy and the Japanese impact on Southern Florida are clearly shown in this exhibit. You can explore six blossoming, authentic Japanese gardens inspired by a different period and style. There is also a world-class bonsai collection, and you can learn about the art and technique of training and sculpting a bonsai.

The museum houses more than 7,000 pieces. A great proportion of them concentrates on Japan’s mostly known ritual: the tea ceremony. If you are interested, you can contact the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens to observe the peace of this traditional ceremony and why not take classes and workshops to become an expert.

3. Saltwater Brewery

Saltwater BreweryAre you a beer lover? Then, this visit is a must. Every Saturday afternoon, you can be part of a guided tour to learn about the production of handcrafted beer. This brewery promotes education on environment protection. For instance, they have launched the first eco-friendly six-pack ring to replace plastic rings, which are really harmful to the environment, specially the oceans.

Depending on when you are visiting Saltwater Brewery, you will be able to taste Seasonal beers, Special release beers or just the ones produced all the year round. Before leaving, you can buy clothes or accessories in its shop.  As you can see, there are plenty of different things to do in Delray Beach.

4. Silverball Museum

Silverball MuseumAfter a relaxing day at the beach, you will just want some noisier and thrilling things to do. Here, everything is possible. Visit the Silverball Museum which features more than 150 video games and pinball machines, all antiques, which will make you travel in time as far as the 1930s.

Both adults and children will enjoy this visit. The unique characteristic of this museum is that the admission price is enough for you to start playing.

5. Delray Municipal Beach

Things to do in Delray Beach Municipal Beach Among all the things to do, visiting Delray Municipal Beach is maybe one of the top in the list. Imagine the warm sun and water, the soft sand and something to read, or why not to drink, in your hands. This perfect scenario becomes true in Delray Beach.

Travel Holiday magazine declared it the top beach in southeast U.S. Daily, families, young and not-so-young folks visit this popular beach. Apart from swimming, surfing or relaxing under the sun, you can snorkel or paddleboard. Also, playing beach volleyball or going for walks along the shore are well-liked activities for residents and visitors alike.

If you go by car, you can park it nearby and if you are suddenly hungry, there are bars and restaurants to walk to and have something quick before going back to the beach. The selection is wide: from a sand bar to full-service restaurants to fast food and pizza joints (yet delicious), the Delray Municipal Beach has a lot to offer.

6. Explore the Pineapple Grove Arts District

Pineapple GroveTaking a “selfie” with the giant pineapple mural in the Pineapple Grove Arts District is for sure a thing to do in Delray Beach. Located in downtown Delray Beach, this colorful arts district is home to art galleries, shops, and boutiques.

Just some more blocks down you can enjoy Pineapples Grove’s “industrial” section, known as Artist’s Alley, full of talented artists selling and showing their artwork and handmade crafts.

7. Delray Beach Tennis Center

Delray Beach Tennis CenterSo Delray Beach is also home for sports. The Delray Beach Tennis Center is the place you have to go to play some doubles in one of its more than 15 courts.

If you are lucky enough to be in Delray Beach for the Delray Beach Open, don’t forget to buy tickets in advance and be one of the 50,000 spectators! This ATP World Tour Event features famous tennis players and legends you can’t miss.

Are you ready to plan your trip? Culture, delicious food, art, sports, leisure and much more in a single place. Delray Beach is quickly becoming “the” gem in Florida. After reading this post, you have surely understood why people call Delray Beach “The Most Fun Small Town in America”.


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