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Rohrer Dental Wellness is a boutique dentist near me office located in Delray Beach, FL that offers premium cosmetic and restorative dentistry services with a holistic approach. We believe in providing a whole-body approach to dental care, looking at our patients’ overall health, not just their teeth. We passionately believe in making our patients smile by providing love and compassion to everything we do and offering a relaxing environment that resembles a spa, rather than a dental office.


We believe that there are three core traits that make us different from other local dentists:

Technical Mastery – 30 years of experience delivering top-quality dentistry and being trained by world-renowned professionals

Artistic Beauty – Producing beautiful work that make our patients blush and proud of their smile.

Holistic Methods – Incorporating a whole-body health approach to dentistry, where we care for the person as a whole and not just their teeth.


We opened our practice in 1987, young, eager, full of life and optimism. Our vision was to develop a practice were patients, or honored guests as we preferred, were afforded world-class restorative dentistry. We were not content then, nor now, with average performance, but rather we had a strong burning desire to provide the best that dentistry could offer. For the past 20 years we spent our time and our resources investing heavily in the best continuing education and technologies we could find.
Our philosophy on choosing mentors was simple. When we were going to train ourselves in a technique to bring back for our patients benefit, we chose to always seek out the world-renowned experts to train us. There are a multitude of Professional Continuing Education choices, with varying levels of technical mastery demonstrated by the instructors. We avoided the financially sponsored courses that were backed by manufacturers. These always resulted in biased information and less than optimal results. We made a conscious decision not to waste our time with any except for the recognized masters in a particular area. The core of this portion of our training revolved around the L. D. Pankey Institute. This curriculum took nearly a decade to complete and studying under these internationally renowned masters shorted our learning curve and these master instructors took us places the others couldn’t. The end result is we have learned techniques and processes practiced by some of the finest operators on this planet, and have brought them back to Delray Beach for our patients’ benefit.
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Dentist Near Me offers a wide array of general dentist services, from a tooth filling or a dental crown or a denture. Our teeth cleanings are the best: featuring relaxation therapy, eye pillows and aromatherapy you feel you are at a spa while getting your teeth cleaned.

Dentist Near Me Holistic Dentist offers a complete different experience in dentistry. By combining different relaxation techniques with a holistic approach to dental care, our focus is not only oral care but whole-body health.


Dentist Near Me FAQ


“Why Choose Rohrer Dental Wellness?”

What sets up apart from other dentists near me is our constant strive for excellence and patient satisfaction. That translates into keeping you happy at all times, studying new techniques to help you, using the best materials available, understand your needs and wants, and provide treatment that is appropriate to your life circumstances. We offer a holistic, whole-body approach ensuring the health of your teeth as well as your overall well-being.


“Can I Use My Dental Insurance?”

Absolutely! We are a Delray Dentist Near Me who work with all PPO insurances. We do a COMPLIMENTARY insurance benefits check so you know what your insurance provider will cover before you commence treatment. We also file claims for you electronically so you can receive payment within 5-7 days.


“What is the Cost of My First Visit?”

Rohrer Dental Wellness offers a $50 Off New Patient Special. So if you are having an exam (D0150) and x-rays (D0274), your first visit will be around $100. If you also want to have a dental cleaning, you are looking at another $100 or so, depending on the type of cleaning you need. NOTE: Our hygienist is known for providing the best experience in the chair, ever! She does relaxation therapy, head massages and uses essential oils. Instead of being at a dentist office, you feel you are at a spa! Also, keep in mind that if you have recent x-rays, you could have them forwarded to our office at no charge.


“What is Holistic Dentistry?”

At Rohrer Dental Wellness Center “Holistic Dentistry” means providing your necessary dental treatment in a fashion that is most appropriate for your oral, as well as your whole body wellness. Click here if you want to learn how you can benefit from a whole-body health approach.


“I Have a Fear of the Dentist. Can You Help Me?”

We are dentists around me who specialize in fearful patients. We are always looking to find new ways to make your visits more enjoyable. For that purpose, we use a variety of alternative techniques to enhance your dental experience. Deep breathing techniques, aromatherapy, cranial sacral therapy, eye pillows with essential oils, music therapy, visualization techniques, and warm compresses all add to a dental experience like no other.

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