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A person embracing a Holistic philosophy of life takes into consideration whole-body health, spirituality and lifestyle as a whole. Holistic health is an ongoing process. It is a choice of lifestyle and a personal commitment with the purpose of achieving wellness. It also means focusing on prevention, listening to your body, giving it the proper nutrients, vitality, and, when appropriate, giving it the ability to heal itself in times of sickness.

What Does It Mean To Be Part of a Holistic Dental Practice?

As mentioned before, Holistic is a lifestyle. All our team members are passionate about sharing their holistic experience with our patients, whether that means discussing the latest superfood, find a new interesting documentary or educating patients about the benefits of essential oils. Most important of all, we practice what we preach, having tried or experienced firsthand the benefits of embracing a natural lifestyle.


How Do I Benefit From Being Part of a Holistic Practice?

Aside from the obvious benefits mentioned above, our patients benefit from knowing that everything we do is in the sake of prevention and enhancing their overall health. Specifically this means to you:

– Not having to undergo unnecessary treatment

– Benefiting preventative techniques which avoid higher costs in time and money in the future

– Using the most natural and biocompatible materials available

-Experiencing a spa-like atmosphere, pleasant smells and purified air as well as massages, relaxation and meditation while in the dental chair

– Being part of a friendly team of like-minded individuals who cater to your oral as well as your whole-body health needs

– Accessing a wide range of safe and proven natural techniques and services such as our safe amalgam removal technique or our periodontal wellness program

We are here to help and spread the goodness of this lifestyle choice. Feel free email or call us at

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